5 Tips for Picking an Exterior Paint Color

You know the house needs another coat of paint, but how would you decide what color to paint it? Choosing paint colors takes time and consideration because you'll likely keep this exterior house paint for long. With so many colors to choose from, ensure you follow these suggestions so that you choose exterior paint colors that you will be content with. These tips will enable you to think of some paint color ideas. Here are the tips on how to choose exterior paint color.

Consider another permanent color. If your house is a combination of wood siding and another material (such as a block), you will require taking this other material into consideration when you choose exterior paint colors. Pick the color that is complementary to your block color. Likewise, consider what exterior house colors will look best with your rooftop color. While most shingles are dark shades that will match nearly any exterior paint color, a red, blue, dim or green rooftop needs to be matched to the exterior paint color as well.

Look around your environment. Another option you have when you are choosing exterior home paint colors is to look around your environment for inspiration. Look at the exterior house colors of your neighbor's home and decide whether you want to stay by their color choices or if you want to set yourself separated. As well, consider natural features like lakes, trees, and fields.

Look for colors that you adore or colors that you want to compliment. This is a great approach to discover paint color ideas. Remember, your new exterior paint colors will be a piece of your environment for a long time, and you want to settle on sure that your color decision is appropriate. If you happen to reside in an HOA (Homeowners Association) - please make sure you get the colors Okayed by the HOA before proceeding.

Tools to Help You Choose. There are many methods available to you to help you find the ideal colors for your home. If you have artistic talent, you can draw a picture of the exterior of your home and make copies. You can then freely color the picture of your home with colored pencils, to get a better idea of how those specific combinations might look.

Get technical. You can choose exterior paint colors using technology, and it will remove a considerable measure of guesswork from the process. Software exists that can take a photo of your house and change the exterior paint color of your home to any color you can imagine. Play around with your paint color options while never picking up a paintbrush. You'll know immediately what choices work best. As a fun option, you can even print out a couple of options of exterior house colors to have family and friends help you to decide.

Decide on your color palette. When you have decided the general exterior paint color you like, it's a great opportunity to limit your choices. Visit your local home improvement store to look at paint combinations. You'll want a couple of complimentary colors for your exterior paint colors. Choose a different paint color for your exterior doors and trim. You may even require painting your shutters a different color. It depends on how bold you want to be with your exterior paint colors. Just ensure that your colors are complimentary and not contrasting.

These tips will help you while choosing paint colors for your home's exterior. When you choose exterior paint colors, remember that bright, bold or dark colors will fade after some time. As well, huge surfaces influence paint to look lighter, so take this tips when you choose exterior paint colors.

Here's a video on how to choose the perfect paint color for the exterior of your home.