The importance of high quality paint

As a painting professional, your customers often look to you for recommendations for the type of high-quality paint they should use for their project. Whether it is for an interior painting project or a remodel, customers expect professional painting contractors to have some knowledge about the different types of paint available for their needs. Being able to recommend quality paints to your customers confidently is good for your business for two reasons. First, using quality paint will ensure that your customer receives a professional paint job that will last for years, helping you maintain a reputation for doing great work. Second, customers will value your product knowledge and view you as an expert, possibly leading to more referrals and repeat business.

Quality paint offers lasting value due to its superior composition. The Paint Quality Institute indicates that all paints have four basic components that affect their performance: The amount and quality of pigments, binders, liquids, and additives. Pigments are what give the paint color and coverage, also known as "hiding." this is the ability of the paint to conceal the previous coat. Remodeling projects often include a new coat and color of paint, so hiding ability is an important feature to discuss with your remodeling customers. Greater hiding ability translates to fewer coats needed to produce the desired color. For example, Behr's Premium Plus Ultraâ„¢ consists of paint and primer in one, providing a solid foundation to make colors last longer.

Binders hold the pigments together once the paint has dried. Binders also help the paint adhere to the surface and determine the durability of the finish. According to a paint pro, a specific type and the amount of a binder have an impact on the paint's key properties, which include durability, stain resistance, gloss and color retention, and flexibility." Once dry, Behr's Premium Plus Ultraâ„¢ forms an extra-protective shell that offers excellent stain removal and resistance. Liquids carry the pigments and binders. In latex paints, water is the primary liquid. As per the assumptions of many, top quality paints have more solids and are less likely to be diluted with water or other solvents.

Additives are additional ingredients that give the paint added value. For example, mildewcide is a popular additive in quality paints for mildew resistance a must-have for all exterior painting projects.

To help painting contractors with recommendations for customers, Behr provides some interactive online tools that make it easier to learn about the paints and primers that Behr offers. Behr offers an online tools article see page 3 of the article with tools listing) that provides several resources that will save you and your customers time and money. Paintworld discusses all of the types of paint Behr offers, so you will be better able to discuss their advantages with your customers. The Paint Calculator lets you accurately calculate how much paint you need for a job, so you won't have to worry that you have purchased too much or too little.

Besides ingredients, there are many other reasons for your customers to opt for quality paint. Quality paint can be applied quickly and spreads evenly. Especially important for interior painting, a low spattering tendency allows for easier cleanup. Additionally, high-quality paints provide better value via a lifetime guarantee or warranty and a wide variety of color palettes. Because of the quality ingredients, premium paint lasts much longer than economy paint, twice as long in some cases. Since high-quality paint needs far less retouching and maintenance, its long-term value is higher for your customer. Encourage your customers to view paint selection as an investment. Quality paint offers lasting good looks and can save your customer time, money, and labor costs in the future.